Stutter words

In Klingon, there are many words that may have two or even more meanings. This kind of words are called homonyms. For instance, the word jIH can be a verb meaning to monitor, it can be a noun viewing screen, or even a pronoun I, me or I am. This can also happen with many suffixes, like the word pu' can be a phaser, but is also a plural suffix for beings CapableOfLanguage.

Using this situation, one can make so called "stutter words", that is words with two identical syllables with different meanings.

Klingon English Remarks
ba'ba' he obviously sits
bejbej be certainly watches
boghbogh which is/was being born
chajchaj their (close, female) friends (of females)
choHchoH it begins to alter, change
chu'chu' he activates, engages (a device) perfectly; he plays (an instrument) perfectly; it is perfectly new
DaDa you behave like it; you act in the manner of it
DaqDaq in/at/on the place
?Du'Du' the farms (that are body parts) (probably only possible in poetry)
HomHom a minor bone
law'law' they are apparently many
lI'lI' he is in the process of transmitting data (to a place) possibly also it is in the process of being useful
?lulu they fall (suffer loss of status) it (an exceptional case, along the lines of sleep the sleep of the just or live a Klingon life, though I donít know of a cognate object for lu that could be used to make a grammatical sentence involving lulu)
mo'mo' because of the cage; because of the motive/motivation/grounds/reason/rationale (slang)
moHmoH he makes him ugly possibly also he1 causes him2 to exert undue influence on him3, depending on whether transitive verbs can take -moH or not.
nISnIS he needs to disrupt it, he needs to interfere with it
?pu'pu' the phasers (which are capable of speech) probably only in poetry, or maybe fairy tales
qangqang he is willing to pour; he is ready to always agree with him (slang)
qoqqoq the so-called robot
qu'qu' it is very fierce
ruprup he is prepared to fine or tax him
ta'ta' he has (successfully) accomplished it
taHtaH he continues to survive; he continues to endure; it continues to be at a negative angle
vetlhvetlh that cockroach
?'e''e' that (previous sentence) (with emphasis or focus) (not sure about this one, but if personal pronounce can take -'e', and focussed nouns can be fronted if they are marked with -'e', why not the special pronoun 'e'? Perhaps something like 'e''e' neHbe' vavwI' Thatís not what my father wanted or_As for that: my father didnít want it_

A sentence

Here is a sentence made of only stutter words:
DaqDaq law'law' boghbogh qoqqoq qu'qu'
In the place, there are apparently many very fierce so-called robots which are being born.

Compound noun

qoqqoq HomHom vetlhvetlh qu'qu' those very fierce so-called-robot-minor-bone-cockroaches

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