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Errors in The Klingon Dictionary

This is a list of known errors in The Klingon Dictionary. Some people do not see the necessity of such a list, but since this wiki is written in an encyclopedic style, any kind of fact is worth being mentioned. This list can also help beginners to avoid confusion when reading the book.

page error
29 missing or wrong prefix: lujpu' jIH'e'
(It is I who have failed)
lujpu' jIH (I have failed)
35 'egh is missing the apostrophe
48 Hagh study him well should be HaD
175 qan is spelled gan
182 leSSov is spelled LeSSov
184 SIbI' is spelled sIbI', with lower case S.

Missing words

Some words are aonly listed in the KE-side of the dictionary, and missing in the EK-side.

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