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Star Trek The Next Generation Talking Alarm Clock

talking alarm clock
This talking alarm clock (long title "Star Trek The Next Generation Klingon Talking Alarm Clock") is a licensed product sold in 1994 by the British company Wesco Ltd.

Technical details

The alarm clock consists of a base with a model of the USS Enterprise 1701 D as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The saucer section is detachable and has a warp sound effect. One of the special functions of the alarm clock is a voice speaking one sentence by choice in either English or Klingon. The choice can be set by a switch on the bottom of the device. The clock is about 21 x 21 x 15 cm and weighs about 600 gram.

Analysis of Klingon

The spoken phrase is written on the packaging, and it's exactly what is heard:
  • "The Enterprise is under attack - wake up & do something!"
  • Enterprise HIvlu' - yIvem 'ej vay' yIta'!

The sentence is grammatically correct. The choice of not using the Klingon transcription 'entepray' is not clear. Its Klingon spelling was used for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier in 1989, but only published in a written form in HolQeD in the December issue 1994, so after the publication of the alarm clock. It is not known who translated this, but regarding the year (1994) when there were not so many Klingonists available, it is possible that this was done by Marc Okrand, although he would have used the Klingon spelling for the ship.

On the German version of the device, the pronunciation of the phrase is a bit off and definitely not spoken by Okrand. The main mistake is speaking vay' in the English way, i.e. rhyming with "way" instead of correctly rhyming with "why".

Click to listen to sound file:

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