taHjaj wo' Barbershop Quartet

qep'a' javDIch had an unusually rich qep'a' cabaret. Among the skits and presentations was an adaptation of a scene from Meredith Willson's The Music Man. Several bickering crewmen (charghwI', ghunchu'wI', and Seqram) and their commander (HoD Qanqor) found harmony – literally – by singing the word 'awje' in the manner of the River City school board's "ice cream". They then broke out into a full barbershop arrangement of taHjaj wo'.

A few seconds of the performance's audio were apparently captured by someone in attendance. (Details and a pointer to an online file, please?) The quartet recorded a "studio version" at the time using a portable mixer and tape system, but the poor quality of the result was unworthy of distribution. A year later, each performer's part was recorded separately, then skillfully combined by HoD Qanqor into a finished work; the taHjaj wo' barbershop arrangement appears on the HoD Qanqor tIqDu' mob ghom album.

The taHjaj wo' Barbershop Quartet was later reformed to much acclaim at qep'a' cha'maHDIch by original members HoD Qanqor and ghunchu'wI' along with pagh and QeS 'utlh.

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