taHjaj wo'

The song taHjaj wo' (Klingon: May the empire go on, pronunciation: S) is a song written by Rich Yampell in 1993 and 1997 and is heard frequently at Klingon meetings like the qep'a' and the qepHom. It was first performed at the first Klingon language camp in 1993.


In the perfect situation, the song must be sung with three voices, or one leading voice, and two groups singing the other lines. This is hard to explain only with words, one needs to see it.

tlhegh wa'DIch / First part

l Klingon Translation
1 taHjaj wo' may the empire endure
2 'ej taHjaj voDleHma' and may the emperor live forever
3 wItoy'mo' because we serve him
4 vaj nuquvmoHjaj ta' may the emperor honor us
5 Dun wo'maj our empire is great
6 'ej Qochchugh vay' and if someone disagrees
7 vaj DaSmeymaj bIngDaq chaH then under our boots
8 DIbeQmoHchu' jay' we will make them really flat

tlhegh cha'DIch / Second part

1 taH -jaj wo' taHjaj wo' 'ej taHjaj maH! May the empire endure, and we as well.
2 bechjaj jaghma'; Heghjaj chaH! may our enemies suffer; may they die.
3 wItoy' wItoy'bej net Sov net Sov! we will serve, or course, of course.
4 val 'ej may voDleHma' pov! our excellent emperor is smart and fair
5 Dun wo' Dun wo'vam, juHmaj; not Dej our home, this empire, is great; it never collapses
6 Qochchugh Qochchugh vay' vaj Doghqu'bej! is somebody disagrees, he is very silly
7 DaSmeymaj bIngDaq chaH DIbeQ- we will crush them under our boots
8 moHchu'jay'! entirely

tlhegh wejDIch / third part

1 maSopnISbe', matlhutlhnISbe', 'ej maDo'chugh, matlhuHnISbe' We don't need to eat or drink, and if we're lucky, we won't need to breathe
2 Doch neH wIta'nISbogh 'oH tlhIngan wo''a' HoSghaj toy'ghach'e' service to the powerful Klingon empire is all we have to do
3 may''a'meyDaq, veS'a'meyDaq, 'ej reH 'ej reH yay'a'meyDaq in great battles, in great wars, and always, always in great victories
4 Qapla' wIchav 'ej batlh wISuq 'ej tlhIngan wo' nIvghach wImaq we achieve success and we gain honor and we proclaim the greatness of the Klingon empire
5 matoy'rupchu', maSuvlaHchu', maHeghqangchu' 'utchugh 'utmo' we are prepared to serve, we can fight, we are willing to die if necessary
6 'ach Heghmaj yIpIHQo' ghaytan wa'DIch jagh'e' wIHeghmoHmo' but don't expect our deaths because it's likely we will cause the enemy to die first
7 vaj taHjaj wo', vaj taHjaj wo', 'u' HeHDaq tlhIngan juHqo'vo' so may the empire endure, from the homeworld to the edge of the universe
8 vaj taHjaj taHjaj taHjaj taHjaj taHjaj tlhIngan wo' so may the Klingon empire endure

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