Tad Stauffer

Tad Stauffer in 2015

Tad Stauffer (Klingon name: taD, born 1979) is an American Klingonist. He holds the KLCP rank of po'wI' (expert). Tad served as Beginners' Grammarian from 26 August 2000 until 25 September 2001; at the age of 20 years 11 months at the time of his accession, he is the youngest Klingonist ever to have served in the role. He also worked on the initial Klingon-language translation of Google's search site.

Star Trek DVD press release

Tad worked on the translation of the Star Trek TOS DVD press release of July 2007, and provided the following text(1) (2):

juHlIjDaq jolqu' Hov leng: DIS wa'DIch HD DVD/DVD tlhoQ.

qaSDI' DIS 2007 jar 11 jaj 20, paw wa'maH bobcho' tlhoQ Dun. lutHommey lugherqa'lu'bogh, De' qub, HD DVD laH le' je ngaS.

HollywoodDaq - tugh SeymoHbogh 'eb nInob CBS HOME ENTERTAINMENT, PARAMOUNT HOME ENTERTAINMENT je. wa'maH bobcho' HD DVD/DVD tlhoQ Hov leng'e' jaS DatIvqu'. cha'chu'meH Hoch lutHom, Halvo' bIH lugherqa'lu'. cham qan juSba'bogh bovvam De'wI' cham lo'choHlu'. 'ay'mey Sar Dojqu'moH 'ej pupmoH: lIHbogh permey, 'entepray' meHDaq qIb leghlu'bogh, may'mey, yuQmey, novbogh Dujmey, qo'mey ghor 'oSmeH 'op nagh beQ, 'entepray' latlh Dujmey je nIvmoHbogh De'wI'. 'entepray' chu' chenmoHmeH De'wI', DIvI' mon Smithsonian yejHaDDaq Dujna' juvlu'.

Translation provided by Tad Stauffer, Lawrence M. Schoen, and the Klingon Language Institute.

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1 : Message on The Omega Sector BBS, by NeoSuperBlissey, Jul 26 2007 07:29 PM

2 : WebArchive page of http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/store/news/article/2303263.html

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