Gallery of Klingon Tattoos

Over the years, many people have made a tattoo using Klingon letters. This is a collection of those. Please note that this is a Klingon language wiki, so only add language-related tattoos.

Celebrity Tattoo

The actress Spice Williams - who played the Klingon female named Vixis in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - has a tattoo on her ankle, made in 2008. She has her Klingon name at the bottom of the symbol and Qapla' to the side, written in pIqaD. This tattoo was at the request of her son who felt she should have the "mark of a Klingon!" (1)


Tattoos using pIqaD

klingontattoo Ha'DIbaH SopQo'wI'
The phrase reads Ha'DIbaH SopQo'wI'. Literally translated as "someone who refuses to eat meat/animals", this phrase was used to indicate the idea of being vegetarian. The phrase is grammatically correct and uses the pIqaD font which was used in Star Trek: Discovery.
used words: Ha'DIbaH animal/meat, Word.Sop eat, Qo' refuse (to) wI' someone who does
© Image by Cory Hart
Used with his permission only on this site.

used words: batlh honor, Qu' duty, HoS strength
© Image by Sebastian Frank
Used with his permission only on this site.

used words: bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'. "Revenge is a dish best served cold."
Source: unknown

used word: SoS "mother"
Source: twitter / name unknown

used word: Qapla' success

This shows a large trefoil with the words Qu' duty, batlh honor and matlh be loyal.
Below the trefoil, you see the phrase reH DuSIgh vavlI', i.e. "Your father always influences you."
Owner: Geoffrey B. Taylor from Hawaii
Source: Photo on owner's Facebook page.
Image displayed here with his permission, asked 06 Feb 2017.

used words: Qapla' success
Owner: Thomas Hovie

In this tattoo of the word Qapla', the final apostrophe is missing.

The word qatru' written on the wrist, meaning nerd.

The word nuqneH meaning literally "What do you want?", but used as an equivalent to hello.
Source: unknown

This tattoo reads SuvwI' jIH, meaning I'm a warrior.
Owner: Mario Helmholz

Below the classic trefoil, this tattoo shows a phrase from The Klingon Way: bIjatlh 'e' yImev. yItlhutlh. meaning Stop talking; drink!.

The upper case I (eye) has been replaced by lower case ell, and the sound tlh, which is one character in pIqaD, is written using the letters t-l-H. So it reads as bljatlH 'e' yImev. yltlHutlH. The correct spelling is bijax zez yimev. yixux.
Owner: Andreas Wagner; photo displayed with permission

Tattoos with transcription

This reads the phrase tlhIngan wo', Klingon Empire

This reads the phrase Qapla' batlh je, Success and honor.

This reads the phrase Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam, Today is a good day to die.
Visit to photographer's website to see the entire photo (NSFW)
Source: David Clic Photography

This also reads the phrase Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam, Today is a good day to die.
Owner: Mario Helmholz

Tattoos with Fake Klingon

The owner says it's supposed to mean "Honor, Glory, Duty". When you read the letters of the lower line, it is indeed "Duty ghlory Honor", so it's not really Klingon. The upper line seems to inlude different letters.

This tattoo is found at the calf and seems to show three names: Sandra, Joy, and Nelson. The words are displayed using pIqaD letters, so it reads SanDra joy nelSon.

A message to image owners

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1 : Official Website of Spice Williams Crosby retrieved 15 Sep 2014

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