Tenavik (unconfirmed spelling from the script: T'Navik) is the name of a Klingon character first seen in episode 2.12 of Star Trek: Discovery. He is the son of L'Rell and voq. The character did not speak any Klingon dialogues, but dropped the word poH qut twice, referring to the time crystals.

Tenavik is portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell, who has also played Kol in Season 1 and Kol-Sha in season 2.

Klingon spelling

A Klingon spelling for this name is not known.

Other characters from this show

Name Klingon spelling Source for spelling Actor Season
Dennas DennaS Netflix Subtitles Clare McConnell 1
Kol qol Netflix Subtitles Kenneth Mitchell 1
Kol-Sha unknown - Kenneth Mitchell 2
L'Rell lIr'el STLV Mary Chieffo 1 + 2
Or'Eq 'or'eq Netflix Subtitles David Benjamin Tomlinson 1
Tenavik unknown - Kenneth Mitchell 2
T'Kuvma tIquvma STLV Christopher Obi 1
Ujilli 'ujIllI' Netflix Subtitles Damon Runyan 1
Voq voq STLV Shazad Latif 1

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