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Terry Donnelly (Klingon name: ter'eS) has been a member of the KLI since 1993. He has had stories published in jatmey (Nos. 2, 3, and 4) and articles in HolQeD (v3n4 and v8n2), and is also the author of the Klingon Grammar Addendum and the KliFlash computerized vocabulary program. He has translated some popular songs into Klingon (1) and produced (as far as he knows) the only Lego Klingon animated movies on the Web(2).

Lego movies

Terrence has produced four lego movies, all spoken in Klingon.
Episode Title Klingon Title Length Speakers Details
"Unexpected Enemy" jagh pIHbe'lu'bogh(3) 3:58 min Robyn Stewart, d'Armond Speers, Terrence Donnelly, Paul Donnelly more details
"What Trouble With Tribbles" chay' qay' yIHmey(4) 9:41 min - more details
"P.S.A." HochvaD De' potlh(5) 8:45 min more details
"Tradition" lurDech (6) 7:50 min Sarah Bernard, Emma Donnelly, Ruth Donnelly, Will Donnelly, Felix Malmenbeck more details

Each intro of the video starts with the following lines, which are an adptation of the famous Star Trek intro(7):

logh 'oH qaD Qav'e'. Space, the final challenge.
DaH bortaS bIr Duj lengmey lutalu'. These are the voyages of the starship “Cold Revenge”.
Qu'mo' leng: qo' chu' chovmeH, jaghpu' chu', che'ronmey chu' je SammeH, 'ej pe'vIl Daqmey'e' Suchpu'be'bogh tlhInganpu' ghoSmeH. It's mission: to explore new worlds, to seek out new enemies and new battlefields, to boldly go where no Klingon has gone before.


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