The Art of War

The Art of War
The Art of War is an ancient Chinese text written by Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, sometimes also spelled Sunzi. (1) It was translated by Agnieszka Solska as Sun pIn'a' veS mIw around 2010-2015(2) and was published at the 25th qep'a' in 2018. It is available as a hardback and softcover version at but is not delivered worldwide. The cover art was designed by Frank Wu, the jacket was designed by Lawrence M. Schoen.


The opening words of The Art of War are shown at the back cover of the book, written in pIqaD.

Master Sun said:
War is of vital importance for the state.
It is the ground of life and death.
The route to survival or extinction.
It must be examined carefully.

jatlh Sun pIn'a':
wo' potlh'a' 'oH veS'e'.
yInmoHbogh pagh HeghmoHbogh yav 'oH.
taHmoHbogh pagh taHbe'moHbogh He 'oH.


p. 36 - ghIq QojchuqwI'pu' Dotlh tIIchov. has an extra I in tIchov.
p. 44 - nupchoHpu'DI' mIpIIj, has an I that should be an l in lIj.
p. 66 - DoS poH je wIvchu'laH occurs twice. wIvchu'laH has an incorrect suffix order which should be wIvlaHchu'.
p. 72 - Doybe'chugh jagh, DaQopmoHlaH lacks an apostrophe that should be on the Doy'.
p. 82 - 'ej DapawlaH paw'pa' ghaH has an extra apostrophe on the paw'pa' that should be pawpa'.
p. 92 - buQQbogh yavDaq raQ yIchenmoHQo' has an extra Q in the word buQQbogh that should be buQbogh.
p. 92 - weghbogh yavDaq tojmeH tuH tI'ong the translation indicates an instruction to "devise stratagems", thus the verb should be 'ogh.
p. 94 - tlhoy quv SaHchugh, ghaH tuHlaH vay' - tuH is "be ashamed" and thus needs to be tuHmoHlaH to take the ghaH as an object and mean "be shamed".
p. 103 - If dust rises in high mas - "mas" does not appear to be a complete word.
p. 104 - ach 'ebvam jon 'e' nIDbe'chugh - ach is missing an apostrophe at the beginning of the word: 'ach.
p. 112 - The phrase 'ach yItlha'Qo' is missing an l in the tlh.


Author Sun Tzu (Sunzi)
Translator Agnieszka Solska
Published July 30, 2018
Publisher KLI
ISBN-10 0964434571
ISBN-13 978-0964434578
Pages 204
Size 6' x 9'
Weight 281 g

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1 : The Art of War on Wikipedia, retrieved 02 August 2018

2 : in a message to the list of 01 August 2018, Agnieszka wrote 'op ben vImugh = "I translated it some years ago"

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