The Beatles

The Beatles are the most successful music group known for their music in the sixties. There are quite a few words plays (See ➞ puns) in the Klingon vocabulary that are based on songs by the Beatles.


When the word QemjIq hole is read backwards, its meaning qIj-meQ is literally "black-burn". This is a line from the song "A Day In The Life": "four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire."

The verb for "imagine" jal is taken from John Lennon's initials, who sang the song "Imagine".

George Harrison and Paul McCartney play a guitar of the type Les Paul. The Klingon word for such an instrument is leSpal.

When talking about weekdays, Okrand mentioned a fictive planet Lenmak, which uses an 8-day week. lenmaq is based on the names of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.


Almost all weekdays are based on the song "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles of 1968.

DaSjaj "Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlace" boot = DaS
povjaj "Tuesday afternoon is never ending" afternoon = pov
ghItlhjaj "Wednesday morning papers didn't come" manuscript, paper = ghItlh
loghjaj "Thursday night your stockings needed mending" socks = paSlogh
buqjaj "Friday night arrives without a suitcase" bag, pocket = buq

In addition to that, people in The Big Bang Theory play Klingon Boggle on Tuesday evening. Since pov can also be used as a verb meaning be perfect, this may even be a double pun here.

The two words for Saturday are based on the Beatles song "Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite". The line goes "The celebrated Mr. K. performs his feat on Saturday at Bishops Gate."
ghInjaj monastery = ghIn
lojmItjaj door, gate = lojmIt
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