The Final Reflection

The book The Final Reflection is a Science Fiction novel by John M. Ford of the year 1984. It contains many Klingon words, which however do not fit in the Okrandian Klingon language. To prevent confusion, the language in this book is therefore inofficially called Klingonaase.(1).


During the translation of the play A Klingon Christmas Carol Marc Okrand has translated the expression "final reflection". For this, he used the word tonSaw', which is a fighting technique, (or a maneuver in a game) and the word for final Qav to get: tonSaw' Qav = "final fighting technique". If reflection in the sense of an "image in a mirror" is intended, one should add the word for "mirror": neSlo' tonSaw' Qav. (2)

If this is related to the title of book is not clearly stated, but obvious.


1 : John M. Ford, The Final Reflection, p. 16

2 : Message to Chris Lipscombe, 1. September 2010

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