Time vocabulary

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Points in Time

Klingon Type Translation Notes
bertlham n. end (of an event)
bI'reS n. beginning (of an event)
DaH adv. now
DaHjaj n. today Today is a good day to die
DungluQ n. noon
ghorgh adv. when?
HovpoH n. stardate
ngugh adv. then, at that time
pemjep n. midday
qen adv. recently
ramjep n. midnight
SIbI' adv. immediately
tugh adv. soon
'eQ adv. just, a moment ago

Periods of Time

Klingon Type Translation Notes
bov n. era
DIS n. year
Hogh n. week Weekdays
jaj n. day
jajlo' n. dawn
jar n. month
lup n. second
pem n. daytime
pIq n. future, time period from now
po n. morning
poH n. period of time
pov n. afternoon
puq poH n. generation
ret n. past, time period ago
ram n. night
rep n. hour
tup n. minute
vatlh DIS poH n. century


Klingon Type Translation Notes
ben n. years ago
ghIq adv. then, subsequently
Hu' n. days ago
leS n. days from now
nem n. years from now
nung v. precede
Qav v. be final, last
veb v. be next (in a sequence)
waQ n. months from now
wa'Hu' n. yesterday
wa'leS n. tomorrow
wen n. months ago


Klingon Type Translation Notes
cha'logh adv. twice
Hochlogh adv. all times, always (emphatic)
not adv. never
paghlogh adv. never (emphatic)
pIj adv. often, frequently
pIjHa' adv. seldom, infrequently
reH adv. always
roD adv. customarily, habitually, regularly
rut adv. sometimes, occasionally
wa'logh adv. once
'arlogh adv. how many times? used to ask ➞ What time is it?

Noteworthy Dates

Klingon Type Translation Notes
nenghep n. Age of Ascension
peHghep n. Age of Inclusion
qa'vam n. Genesis
qoS n. birthday
QI'lop n. a Klingon holiday (probably a military one) QI'lop phrases

Time-related Events and Actions

Klingon Type Translation Notes
baq v. terminate, discontinue
bup v. quit
cho' n. succession
cho' v. succeed (to authority)
Dor v. end (intransitive)
ghang v. end prematurely (transitive)
ghIQ v. vacation, take a vacation
len n. recess, break
loS v. wait (for)
lum v. postpone, procrastinate
mev v. stop, cease
mIm v. delay
moD v. hurry
poH v. time
qagh v. interrupt
qIl v. cancel
tagh v. begin a process, initiate
taH v. continue, go on
van v. end (transitive)
yev v. pause

Time-related Descriptions and Other Concepts

Klingon Type Translation Notes
Do n. velocity
chung v. accelerate
chu' v. be new
gho'Do n. sublight speed
qughDo n. cruising speed
nen n. growth, maturity
nen v. be adult, grown-up, mature
nenchoH v. mature, grow up
nI' v. be long, lengthy (duration)
notlh v. be obsolete
ngaj v. be short (in duration)
ngo' v. be old (not new)
paS v. be late
qan v. be old (not young)
QIt adv. slowly
quq v. happen simultaneously
Qup v. be young
ru' v. be temporary
ru'Ha' v. be permanent
pay' adv. suddenly
tagha' adv. finally, at last
tIQ v. be ancient
'eq v. be early
nom adv. fast, quickly Fast
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