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This page talks about a Wiktionary like project; For the Klingon dictionary website see ➞ tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom (Wordpress)

tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom

tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom, literally "Klingon language dictionary" is a project located at Fandom (formerly known as "wikia"). It was started obviously as a rebirth from the closed section at

From the main page:
This is a Klingon wiki - a dictionary in Klingon that aims to describe all words of all languages, with definitions and descriptions in Klingon only.


The project was initiated by Jonathan Webley on May 27, 2007(1). The latest major batch of edits by Webley was in August 2008, who did nothing more afterwards. Several edits by other users followed, but no big changes.


The page is built up like Wiktionary(2), which means it does not only contain Klingon vocabulary, but also other languages. Those other languages' words though are all described using an all Klingon user interface. The additional languages are Afrikaans, German, Dutch, and several others. Altogether, the Wiki currently has 7,170 entries (2021).

The word entries also contain quotes from The Klingon Way.

When existing, the vocabulary was linked to pages at The Klingon Encyclopedia, which was also an attempt to rescue the Klingon Wikipedia.


Most of the Klingon pages are correctly sorted and written without mistakes. Unfortunately, the website also uses made up vocabulary (like Delmu' for "adjective") and tons of transliterations for languages. This is a definite no-go among Klingonists. The problem of this gets visible when new words appear for these made-up words, making the first inventions simply wrong and misleading.

Due to the frequent renewal of the wikisoftware, several of the programmed templates are not working, like displaying pIqaD letters or connecting to categories. Also, the font was automatically changed to a sans-serif font which makes the reading of Klingon words harder. From the log: "14 July 2020 Maintenance script deleted page MediaWiki:Monobook.css (Removing archaic skin Javascript and CSS pages.)" (3)

Since the page has not been maintained nor updated, it does not contain any new words published after 2008.

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1 : User page of Jonathan Webley

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3 : Public Log, retrieved July 21, 2021

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