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The word trefoil (from latin: tri-folium, three leaves) is used to describe the insignia of the Klingons Empire. There is no Klingon word for it, but there is a general word Degh for symbol which is used on SkyBox card #1(1):

tlhIngan wo' Degh 'oH Deghvam'e'.
This marking represents the Klingon Empire.


This symbol was first seen in 1968 in the Star Trek (The Original Series) season 3, episode 2 "Elaan of Troyius" on a Klingon ship and in the background of the Klingon bridge, but aligned differently to the norm, pointing to the right. It later appeared on nearly every series and movie, on ships, walls and uniforms.


The symbol is listed in the US trademark office as "ornamental lapel pins", the owner is CBS Studios Inc. Description: "The mark consists of a lapel pin with a klingon design as used in the star trek series" (2)


1 : SkyBox card #1, Qo'noS wo' - Empire of Kronos, 1994

2 : Entry on United States Patent and Trademark Office for "Klingon"

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