Type 1 noun suffixes

Type 1 noun suffixes, refer to size/importance, and can only be attached to nouns:

Augmentative / Diminutive

The suffixes -'a' (augmentative) and -Hom (diminutive) can indicate a) the size or b) the importance of something. The translation can result in an entirely different word. Most widely known examples for this are the name of the KLI's annual meeting qep'a', literally major meeting in the sense of "main" meeting, and the qepHom, which – originally – was a small meeting. (Since it has become larger than the qep'a', it is allowed to ungrammatically call it qepHom'a'.)


There is a big deal of vocabulary known which shows that the usage of these suffixes can change the entire meaning of a verb, instead of simply regarding its size.
root meaning word translation source note
be' woman be'Hom girl TKD -
bIQ water bIQ'a' ocean TKD -
chab cake chabHom cookie qepHom 2015 -
Duj ship DujHom shuttle Star Trek V: The Final Frontier -
qul fire qulHom spark paq'batlh -
veng city vengHom village TKD -
'echlet board 'echletHom card TKD -

Other words are not really something else, but just bigger:
root meaning word translation source note
bo'Dagh scoop for serving food bo'DaghHom little scoop KGT, p. 125 -
bo'Dagh scoop for serving food bo'Dagh'a' big scoop KGT, p. 125 -
Qagh mistake QaghHom small mistake TKD -
Qagh mistake Qagh'a' major blunder TKD -
SuS wind SuSHom breeze TKD [just a soft wind]

Very often, it's not so clear to define if it really is a new meaning, or just something withe a different size.

-Hom does not always mean "small" by itself, there's usually (but not always) something else involved as well. A loDHom isn't just a small man, it's a lesser version of a man, a boy. Often the things are smaller than their non-Hom versions, because lesser things are smaller, but that isn't the defining feature. A loDHom could be bigger than a loD mach, and a loD could be smaller than a loDHom tIn.


  • If it really just refers to the actual size, it is recommended to use the versb mach be small or nu' perticularly small, smaller than expected and their counterpart tIn be big.
  • Of course it's possible to combine these suffixes with adjectives, as in loDHom woch tall boy or be'Hom mach small girl.


The daughter of chancellor Gorkon, Azetbur, called her father vavoy, i.e. daddy. (1)

The suffix -oy is the only syllable in Klingon starting with a vowel. It was created due to the actor's (Rosanna DeSoto) mispronunciation of the intended word vavwI' my father. (2)

Other suffix types

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Size/Importance -'a', -Hom, -oy
2 Number -pu', -Du', -mey
3 Qualification -Hey, -qoq, -na'
4 Possession/Specification -wIj, -lIj, -vam, -vetlh
5 Syntactic Markers -Daq, -vo', -mo', -vaD, -'e'

See also


1 : Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

2 : Explanation of Marc Okrand during qepHom Saarbrücken in October 2015

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