Type 2 verb suffixes

Type 2 verb suffixes, indicating volition/predisposition(1), can only be attached to verbs:

Suffix meaning
-nIS need
-qang willing
-rup ready, prepared (referring to beings)
-beH ready, set up (referring to devices)
-vIp afraid

nIS - need

Although the definition from TKD is only "need"(2), the canon examples for the suffix -nIS are sometimes also translated using the english word "must" or "have to". At least from an english point of view, this is a bit confusing and not clear, because there is a slight difference between "need" and "must/have to" (3). Some people on the mailing list argue that one should not use -nIS for situations that require English "must".

You need to eat. (TKD)

mataHmeH maSachnIS.
To survive, we must expand. (TKW)

DaH jIbwIj vISay'nISmoH.
I must wash my hair now. (PK)

vergh 'ach DIlnISbe'
free parking (MKE)

vIp - afraid

Using the suffix -vIp with first person subject (I, we) is culturally taboo. (4) Some klingonists believe that this counts in all combinations, but the following examples from chapter 4.3 indicate that negating the phrase with the suffix -be' removes the taboo:

pIHoHvIpbe'qu' We are NOT afraid to kill you.
pIHoHvIpqu'be' We are not AFRAID to kill you.
pIHoHqu'vIpbe' We are not afraid to KILL you.

The following explanation of those sentences show how a Klingon might use them. There is no taboo mentioned in these canonical descriptions of how to use these sentences. The taboo is not simply the combination of certain syntactic elements. The taboo is in admitting fear using certain syntactic elements. If you're not admitting fear or appearing to do so, there is no taboo.

See also

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Oneself/one another -chuq, -'egh
2 Volition/predisposition -nIS, -qang, -rup, -beH, -vIp
3 Change -choH, -qa'
4 Cause -moH
5 Indefinite subject/ability -lu', -laH
6 Qualification -chu', -bej, -ba', -law'
7 Aspect -pu', -ta', -taH, -lI'
8 Honorific -neS
9 Syntactic markers -DI', -chugh, -pa', -vIS, -mo', -bogh, -meH, -'a', -jaj, -wI', -ghach
R Rovers -Ha', -Qo', -be', -qu'


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