Type 3 verb suffixes

Type 3 verb suffixes, indicating change(1), can only be attached to verbs:

Suffix meaning
-choH change in state, change in direction
-qa' resume, do again


-choH / change

jIghelbe'choH I change to not asking, I transition from asking to not asking.
jIghelbe'choHlaH I can transition from asking to not asking. OR I begin to be able to not ask
jIghelbe'choHlaHbe' I am not able to transition to not asking. OR I become unable to not ask.

-qa' / resume, do again

qaleghnISqa' I need to see you again.
yIvumqa' Work again! or: Back to work!

See also

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Oneself/one another -chuq, -'egh
2 Volition/predisposition -nIS, -qang, -rup, -beH, -vIp
3 Change -choH, -qa'
4 Cause -moH
5 Indefinite subject/ability -lu', -laH
6 Qualification -chu', -bej, -ba', -law'
7 Aspect -pu', -ta', -taH, -lI'
8 Honorific -neS
9 Syntactic markers -DI', -chugh, -pa', -vIS, -mo', -bogh, -meH, -'a', -jaj, -wI', -ghach
R Rovers -Ha', -Qo', -be', -qu'


1 : The Klingon Dictionary p. 37

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