Type 8 verb suffix

Type 8 verb suffix, a honorific(1), can only be attached to verbs. Whatever the sentence is, by adding -neS it makes you talk to a superior or show respect to someone. It should not be used too often.


DaHjaj jungwoqDaq SIS
Today it's raining in China.

Adding -neS does not change anything on the phrase, except that you show respect to the person you are talking to:

DaHjaj jungwoqDaq SISneS
Today it's raining in China, sir.
Today it's raining in China, your honor.
Today it's raining in China, honorable king.
Today it's raining in China, you so much admired captain.


It is often translated by adding ", your honor" to a sentence. That is NOT a true translation, though.

See also

Type Sort Suffixes
1 Oneself/one another -chuq, -'egh
2 Volition/predisposition -nIS, -qang, -rup, -beH, -vIp
3 Change -choH, -qa'
4 Cause -moH
5 Indefinite subject/ability -lu', -laH
6 Qualification -chu', -bej, -ba', -law'
7 Aspect -pu', -ta', -taH, -lI'
8 Honorific -neS
9 Syntactic markers -DI', -chugh, -pa', -vIS, -mo', -bogh, -meH, -'a', -jaj, -wI', -ghach
R Rovers -Ha', -Qo', -be', -qu'


1 : The Klingon Dictionary p. 43

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