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VHS Wien

The Volkshochschule Wien, a kind of adult high school in Vienna, Austria, has released two commercials for their languages courses involving some klingons. The highschool made this video to show their large variety of lessons, but they do not offer any klingon classes.

First Video

First video capture
The first clip was published on January 14 2015 (1). In this video, you can watch two klingons riding in a train. When they notice that their tickets are going to be controlled, one of them says to the other "Let me talk, I'll handle this." He speaks few phrases in Klingon, but is then surprised that the controller answers in Klingon.


The pronunciation is quite good, although not always clear. You can hear the basic beginner's mistakes, for instance when the letter H sounds like a standard "h", or chaw' (ticket) rhymes with "stuff" (like "chuff"). The sentence structure is very confusing, so it is obvious that an automatic translation like Bing has been used for this. A quick test at the Bing translator proves this, because most sentences are given out exactly one to one from the app as used in the video.


Speaker Subtitle spoken words correct translation (suggestion)
Klingon 1 We are klingon wariors. tlhIngan SuvwI'. tlhIngan SuvwI'pu' maH.
Klingon 1 We need no ticket. pagh chaw' nIS maH. chaw' wIpoQbe'.
Klingon 2 Yes, we are Klingons, Qapla'. HIja', nganpu', Qapla'. teH, tlhIngan maH, Qapla'.
Controller Show me your tickets. chaw' lughoStaHvIS. chaw'meyraj HI'ang.
Controller You dishonest worms. ghargh yuD. gharghmey yuD tlhIH.


The klingons were portrayed by two Austrian physicists: Heinz Oberhummer, a retired university professor (2), and Werner Gruber, author and cabarettist(3).

Second Video

September video capture
The second video was published on September 6th 2015 (4). In this new video, two Klingons are going to school, but enter the wrong class. A teacher tells them to leave - in Klingon.


The pronunciation of the new video is a bit better then in the first video, although still not so perfect: The speaker is struggling with the difficult sound tlh, and the woman speaks a bit too fast, so that her phrase can hardly be understood. Her Q sounds like a "k". She obviously does not know the meaning of the single words, as she is pointing to somewhere when saying the word tu'lu', instead of pa' over there.

This time, the translation and language coaching was done by Lieven L. Litaer, who has sent in the phrases but was not on the set.


Speaker Subtitle spoken words
Klingon 1 Shut up, you dishonest worm. bIjatlh 'e' yImev, Ha'DIbaH.
Klingon 2 We are Klingon warriors. tlhIngan maH.
Woman Don't you make any trouble. peSengQo' jay'.
Woman Your course is over there. pa' Daqraj tu'lu'.

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