veS QonoS

veS QonoS (literally: "War Journal", pronunciation: S) was a journal of the Klingon fangroup Mortas-Te-Kaase, first published in 1989. The main editor was Thomas Scheuer. It was in their first issue where the Klingon letters, now known as pIqaD, were introduced.

Canon source

Some of the words that were printed in the 1992 addendum of The Klingon Dictionary had first appeared in a story in the veS QonoS edition of March 18, 1990. A subset of these were later used in Conversational Klingon. The entire list was reprinted by permission of both Marc Okrand and the club in HolQeD. (1)

These are the words that first appeared in veS QonoS:

Klingon English Reprinted
chach auxiliary, backup (= emergency) This was in TKD before as "emergency"
chaDvay' Hertz (frequency) KGT
chu'wI' trigger Addendum
Duy'a' ambassador Addendum
Ha'DIbaH meat (= animal) Addendum
Hergh QaywI' pneumatic hypo Addendum
HerghwI' pneumatic hypo (short form) Addendum
HIvDuj attack fighter KGT
HoS choHwI' transtator (only HolQeD)
jIH monitor (n, i.e. a device) This was in TKD before as "viewing screen"; Addendum adds "monitor" as a verb
lupDujHom shuttlecraft Addendum
lurgh direction (spatial) Addendum
maQmIgh dark omen, sign of evil coming (only HolQeD)
naH vegetable (also fruit) Addendum
nga'chuq sex (i.e., perform sex) (only HolQeD)
roSHa'moH paralyze (cause to be paralyzed) KGT
Say'qu'moH sterilize (only HolQeD)
Soj food Addendum
tonSaw' Klingon fighting KGT
tuj muvwI' thermo-suture (only HolQeD)
tlham gravity Addendum
woj radiation Addendum
woj choHwI' reactor Addendum
yatlh pregnant (be pregnant) KGT
'uD Haqtaj laser scalpel (only HolQeD)
'uD'a' laser KGT, but without the augmentative suffix -'a'

See also

  • Qo'noS QonoS, an online journal entirely in Klingon published by the KLI


1 : HolQeD, vol. 1 issue 3, September 1992

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