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Verb-noun compounds

This page lists nouns that are preceded by a suffixed verb. The purpose of this list is to analyze where and why the suffix -wI' is used as opposed to the suffix -meH.

Nouns with -wI'

Klingon Translation Literally Source Note
chevwI' tlhoy' territorial wall wall of the separator
DIr QanwI' taS suntan lotion skin protecting liquid TNK
luHwI' tIH transporter beam beam of the grabber
lupwI' mIr train chain of transporters TNK
toSwI' qal'aq jungle gym climber's framework

Nouns with -meH

Klingon Translation Literally Source Note
bachlu'meH chuq effective range range for the purpose of someone firing
chenmoHlu'meH Daq construction site construction site
DevmeH paq guide book book for the purpose to leading
DIlmeH Huch price money for purpose of the paying
ghommeH yotlh plaza, courtyard field for assembling
HIjmeH chaw' stamp [for sending letters] permission to deliver
HoS QaymeH 'och power transfer conduit tunnel for transfering power
pe'meH taj cutting knife knife for the purpose of cutting
qa'meH vIttlhegh replacement proverb proverb to replace
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