The term verb-noun-construction is not an official term. It is used to describe those two-syllable nouns that look like noun-noun-constructions with the first part being a verb. Marc Okrand talked about this in his message to the usenet group of June 18, 1997. In summary, he said that such constructions cannot be legally made following grammar, and that these words probably originated from former, out-of-date nouns that might have disappeared or lost their meaning.

word translation = verb + noun
HIvchuq attack range = attack + range
HIvDuj attack fighter = attack + vessel
HIvHe attack course = attack + course
lupDuj shuttle = transport + vessel
qawHaq data banks = remember + ?
QongDaq bed = sleep + location
vutpa' galley = cook + room
vut'un flat-bottomed pot = cook + pot

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