Verbs of speech

A verb of speech is a verb that describes something that is spoken. There are some listed in The Klingon Dictionary. They all start with the phonaestheme ja- which has obviously been done by Marc Okrand intentionally and also confirmed by him.

jang answer, reply
jat speak incoherently, mumble slang term based on the homonym jat tongue (1)
jatlh speak(2), say(3)
jaw chat
ja' report, tell

Speak gibberish

Gibberish is jat Hol. "To speak gibberish" is jat Hol jatlh. (4)

The slang noun is laqlaq, the slang verb is laq speak gibberish:
tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh 'e' DaQub 'ach bIlaq.
[untranslated: You think you speak Klingon, but you talk gibberish.] (5)


When used as a verb of saying used for quotations, the thing being said is not the object of the verb. It is simply added after the phrase. (6)

jIjatlh: »bImoH.« or »bImoH.« jIjatlh.
I said: »You are ugly.«

It is allowed to use the prefix trick to indicate the person being talked to:

qajatlh: »bImoH.« or »bImoH.« qajatlh.
I said to you: »You are ugly.«

TKD explains this using ja', but it is clear that it also works with others words, since the english explanation says "verbs of saying (say, tell, ask, etc.)" (7)

With object

There are two know things which can be the object of the verb jatlh: a language, and a lecture (8):

SoQ vIjatlh
I am holding a speech.

tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh
I speak Klingon.

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