The verb vet is defined as "to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity".(1)

Usually, what is considered canon are only those pronouncements which were written or spoken by Marc Okrand himself. In very few occasions, some authors make up their own words or expand existing meanings. When one says that such words were "vetted" by Okrand, it means that he has checked those words and confirmed their accuracy, which means accepting them into canon vocabulary. So that means they have become official words and can be added to word lists, without treating them different from any other words.

Marc Okrand explained it himself what "vetted" means:
That means these Klingon words either were made up by me, or if he made them up himself, he sent them to me and I said okay, or "add an apostrophe" or something like that.

(qepHom 2014)

Vetted sources

Note that not all words from these books are automatically accepted if a book has been "vetted". In that case, a list of vetted words were published at a qepHom or a qep'a' and sometimes included some additional information and sometimes also some corrections. Read each page for details.

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