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vialingo is an english channel on YouTube founded on 12 october 2015 (1). The only videos they offer are a Klingon language course entitled Learn Klingon The Easy(ish) Way (2).

These twelve lessons, and two practice sessions, are about 25-35 minutes long and were uploaded starting in October 2015. The speaker of the videos explains the basics of Klingon grammar and teaches the listener the most important vocabulary. Doing this, he always gives examples for how to memorize the vocabulary. While he is talking, the words are displayed.

The owner of the channel and the speaker are unknown, but speaks with a nice and clear British accent. However he is active on the Reddit r/tlhIngan Hol group and has sought feedback and help there.

Klingon language


The speaker has a very clear and proper pronunciation. He pays attention to the details, like the difference between je (and) and je' (buy), which most beginners do not do correctly.

The only criticism to be found is that sometimes his Q resembles a q, he sometimes pronounces ng as n-g, especially when preceded by a noun suffixe (jIngev is pronounced jIn-gev instead of jI-ngev), and he sometimes says Klingon I as ee in see.

Translation of the infinitive

When showing the verbs, he translates them to English using 3rd person singular, which is confusing, but not wrong. It's probably part of the teaching method.

General assessment

The course seems to be with no mistakes and is definitely recommended for all beginners. Pronunciation, grammar, and spelling are correct. The course follows a nice and easy pattern of teaching.

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2 : Playlist auf Youtube, retrieved 9 January 2016

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