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Klingon language screen

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Standard screen
waverazor is the name of a wave synthesizer plug-in software produced by MOK ("Media Overkill") in 2017. Its updated version of 2018 contains a Klingon language interface. (1)


All of the Klingon words are displayed in pIqaD. The computer font used is the Code2000.

The first look immediately reveals that this is not "real" Klingon, as most parts are just literal renderings of English words with Klingon letters. For instance, the buttons show "decline" as DechlIne or "squared" as SQuareD and so on. Using this simple conversion leads to unreadable words, because some non-existing letters are replaced with a trefoil symbol.

Few parts are using true Klingon, although not always correct. It's clear that the Bing translator has been used here, because some phrases are mixed Klingon-English phrases. A quick back-check in Bing confirms translating "register" to Suy qachmey, but as some translations apparently do not come from bing, it seems that there has been a human working on it.
  • Instead of translating wave into yu'egh, the title of the software ("waverazor") is translated as may' rol taj, literally "battle razor". The plug-in developper did this because they "made the decision to go for something more Klingon-like for the title." (2)
  • The system settings are entitled pat chontlhIghuratIon, where pat is correct for system but the rest is just the word "configuration".
  • Registration is translated as Suy qachmey merchant building , but incorrectly written Suy QachHmey.
  • "Input" is written 'el, but the apostrophe is displayed as a trefoil.
  • The language choice is correctly labeled Hol language .
  • The confirm button is correctly labeled pItlh done .
  • The cancel button is literally translated as qIl, but written QIl.

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2 : Tweet on Twitter of May 09, 2018, by @moksynth

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