This article lists weapons for which klingon names are known. The klingon word for weapon is nuH.

Klingon name Description Source
betleH Bat'leth, the "Sword of honor" Addendum, KGT, SkyBox 8, s.k 1998.10.20, paq'batlh
Daqtagh D'ktahg, warrior's knife KGT
ghonDoq a slender blade KGT
ma'veq M'veQ, a ceremonial knife, used in the Mauk To'Vor ritual DSN, Mailing list 1999.02.12, EmailDiscussionForum 2010 12.29, paq'batlh, page184
meqleH Mek'leth KGT
nISwI' Disruptor KGT
nISwI' DaH Disruptor banks KGT
nISwI' HIch Disruptor pistol KGT
nISwI' tal Disruptor cannon Bird Of Prey Poster
peng (plural: cha): Torpedo TKD, ST1
pu' Phaser TKD
pu'beH Phaser rifle TKD
pu'DaH Phaser bank TKD
pu'HIch Phaser pistol TKD
qutluch Kut'luch, a hand weapon tradionally used by assassins Addendum, KGT, TKW
tajtIq a knife with long blade KGT
tIqleH tiq'leth Diplomatic Implausibility
yan a sword with long blade KGT
'aqleH half axe, half Bat'leth KGT



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