To announce the weather, the verb 'aq predict, prognosticate is used in phrases like SIS 'e' 'aqlu' one predicts that it rains. (1) This construction is a sentence as object where "it rains" is the object of the verb 'aq. Weather forecasts tend to use 'e' -lu' over net, but using net would not be wrong. (2)

Weather forecast in Klingon

After receiving lots of new words relating the weather at qep'a' in 2017, wiki contributor Marc Zankl programmed a weather forecast app in Klingon, capable of showing the weather forecast for the following hour of each city in the world. It should work on every browser with activated JavaScript.

Weather forecast for Chicago:

To change the location, just enter it in the field and hit "Change location". The place can be specified by adding a two digit country code, e.g. Berlin,de.

To program this function, the following steps were used:

Weather related vocabulary


Okrand has never responded on how to talk about Klingon (or Terran) seasons, but he has slipped two phrases that can be used to refer to the seasons by describing them:


Nearly all words relating to the weather are verbs, there probably are no nouns for those weather conditions.
SIS it rains
peD it snows
tuD it thunders
raw it lightnings
Heq it hails
jev it storms
cheq it storms like a tornado
vung it storms like a hurricane/cyclone


chal bIQ rain refers to the water itself, not the rain falling from the sky
chal chuch snow literally: sky ice
chuch 'aplom hailstone literally: ice pallet
'aplom chuch hailstone literally: pallet ice
pe'bIl lightning -

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1 : new words list of the qep'a' 2017

2 : additional information asked by Chris Lipscombe, see new words list of the qep'a' 2017

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