How What time is it?

Klingon has several ways to ask and answer What time is it?.


Klingon Translation English
'arlogh Qoylu'pu'? How many times has it been heard? What time is it?
chorgh­logh Qoy­lu'­pu' It has been heard eight times It's 8 a.m.

This is a common idiomatic way to ask the time. In ancient times Klingons may have used a drum or some other loud noise to announce the hour, but in modern times it is simply an expression and what has been heard is not specified. Klingons follow a 24-hour clock, so cha'maHlogh Qoylu'pu' It has been heard twenty times means 8 p.m. (1)


What time do we leave?
ma­mej­DI' 'ar­logh Qoy­lu'­pu'? When we leave, how many times will it have been heard?

Military/Interplanetary Time

Klingon Translation English
rep yIper! Label the hour! What time is it?
rep chorgh Hour eight It's 8 a.m.

This way to ask the time is phrased as a command rather than a question. When referring to time on Earth, tera' rep Earth hour may be used. The minute is stated after the hour, as in rep chorgh wejmaH hour eight thirty or 8:30 a.m. (2)

Klingons also use a system similar to Earth military time, in which hours are expressed as hundreds: (3) (4)
Klingon Translation English
chorghvatlh wejmaH rep Eight hundred thirty hours It's 8:30 a.m.
cha'maH vatlh rep Twenty hundred hours It's 8 p.m.

Time right now

Here you can see the current time in Klingon. It is updated automatically (JavaScript has to be enabled):

Translation: 15 hundred 02 hours

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3 : Conversational Klingon

4 : TalkNow

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