How What time is it?

Klingon has several ways to ask and answer What time is it?.

Here is a comparison of all time formats on this page:

24-hour Time Traditional Interplanetary Military
'arlogh Qoylu'pu'? rep yIper!
0:00 unknown (tera') rep pagh pagh rep
8:00 chorgh­logh Qoy­lu'­pu' (tera') rep chorgh chorghvatlh rep
8:30 - (tera') rep chorgh wejmaH chorghvatlh wejmaH rep
17:00 wa'maH Sochlogh Qoylu'pu' (tera') rep wa'maH Soch wa'maH Sochvatlh rep
20:45 - (tera') rep cha'maH loSmaH vagh cha'maH vatlh loSmaH vagh rep


Klingon Translation English
'arlogh Qoylu'pu'? How many times has it been heard? What time is it?
chorgh­logh Qoy­lu'­pu' It has been heard eight times It's 8 a.m.

This is a common idiomatic way to ask the time. In ancient times Klingons may have used a drum or some other loud noise to announce the hour, but in modern times it is simply an expression and what has been heard is not specified. Klingons follow a 24-hour clock, so cha'maHlogh Qoylu'pu' It has been heard twenty times means 8 p.m. (1)


What time do we leave?
ma­mej­DI' 'ar­logh Qoy­lu'­pu'? When we leave, how many times will it have been heard?

Interplanetary Time

Klingon Translation English
rep yIper! Label the hour! What time is it?
rep chorgh Hour eight It's 8 a.m.

This way to ask the time is phrased as a command rather than a question. When referring to time on Earth, tera' rep Earth hour may be used. The minute is stated after the hour, as in rep chorgh wejmaH hour eight thirty or 8:30 a.m. The answer uses the 24-hour system. (2)

Military Time

Klingons also use a system similar to Earth military time, in which hours are expressed as hundreds: (3) (4)
Klingon Translation English
chorghvatlh wejmaH rep Eight hundred thirty hours It's 8:30 a.m.
cha'maH vatlh rep Twenty hundred hours It's 8 p.m.

Talk Now additions

On the Talk Now Software, there is an inconsitency observed in conntecting vatlh to its counting number. But it shows some additional useful information:

  • When naming the minutes, one does not use the hour labeling vatlh any more if the 12-hour system is used:
    • vagh pagh vagh rep five zero five hours = 5:05 h
    • wa'maH Sochvatlh vagh rep seventeen hundred five hours = 17:05 h
    • jav wa'maH vagh rep six fifteen hours = 6:15 h
    • Hut wa'maH rep nine ten hours = 9:10 h

Time right now

Here you can see the current time in Klingon. It is updated automatically (JavaScript has to be enabled):

Translation: 04 hundred 07 hours

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1 , 2 : HolQeD, vol. 8 issue 1, March 1999

3 : Conversational Klingon

4 : TalkNow

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