William H. Martin

William H. Martin (born around 1954/1955) is an American Klingonist who served a term as Beginners' Grammarian from 15 August 1994 to 30 March 1995. He sang bass on the taHjaj wo' barbershop quartet. At qep'a' javDIch in 1999 he received the award of being a Friend of Maltz.

In earlier days known as charghwI', he is currently using the Klingon name lojmIt tI'wI' nuv, literally translated door repair person. This name is based on the Star Trek: Door Repair Guy, a parody Star Trek TV series written by Douglas A. McLeod and originally posted in December 1993. It is the story of the Door Repair Guy, the lowest-ranking member of the Enterprise crew. (1)

Klingon leanring motivation

From a message sent to the mailing list of 29 April 2016:
My own reason had nothing to do with Star Trek. I was less interested in it than my romantic partner at the time and I wanted to learn another language in order to expand the way that my mind works. Iíd meet someone who was in the Peace Corps in Malasia and Iíd start teaching myself Malasian, only to discover that she just learned a few words and never learned the grammar. Another spent a month of each year in Turkey, so I started learning Turkish, and found out that she also only learned perhaps dozens of words and no grammar. I was looking for a language that, here in America, I could find people I knew to talk to.

Youíd think Spanish or American Sign Language would be good candidates. The problem is that I havenít had the luxury of being among people at my level progressing toward learning a language. They either already speak the language and have no clue as to how to help me learn it, or they donít really speak it and they arenít improving.

I stumbled into Klingon as a group of people were beginning to learn it. We were all learning together. That was exciting to me.


1 : http://clnn.info/wonderment/annex-for-creative-arts/star-trek-door-repair-guy/

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