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Microsoft announced a new language feature to the members of the Windows Insider program in July 2016. It allows to define Klingon as language in Windows 10:

In the Add a language dialog, you can now search for your language by native name or the localized name or by entering the language code. Try: “nl” for Dutch, or “tlh-Latn” for Klingon, or “tlh-Qaak” for Klingon pIqaD.

This setting can allow Klingon applications to offer Klingon symbols.

Anniversary Update

This new feature was also included in the Anniversary Update, which was rolled out to all Windows 10 users, beginning at August 2nd, 2016. Since no description of the new feature was found in the internet, users were only able to find it by accident using the language dialogue.


Defining Klingon using the new feature has no inpact on the user interface language. The only visible effect is the definition of the language within the settings and the characters "TLH" in the language bar — but only if you define Klingon as your default language.

Remote Desktop

If you connect to another computer via Remote Desktop, the language bar displays "XAA" instead of "TLH" if the computer lacks this feature — indicating that the language ist unknown.


It's possible to develop applications that are able determine if the klingon language is defined as a language, in order to display a klingon user interface or react by doing something else.

Windows Phone

This new feature was not delivered to Windows Phone users. Even after installing the Anniversary Update, you don't see any search field. Instead of this, it displays a list of available languages you can choose from — that's exactly the functionality you had on desktop and tablet versions before the Anniversary Update was rolled out.

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