You can use this wishlist to state your wish to get a new words, but of course without any guarantee of getting an answer. This list may or may not be forwarded to Maltz, so don't rely on it. The purpose of this list is more to give you the opportunity to check whether your wish is useful to ask, and also to find out, if a recent wish has been answered already. Sometimes, a wished word can be easily solved using other words.

Feel free to add whatever you like. Maybe it's answered here before we need to bother Maltz with it.


  • thousands of / hundreds of


  • qoj means "either/or". Question: which prefix does one use if the things for choice are plural?
  • How is ngIq used? ➞ This was answered at qepHom 2017


  • Explanation of the strange grammar in jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbe' for "I'm lost" from TKD, p. 172.

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