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ChrisLipscombe has provided a Klingon Word search on https://hol.kag.org/page/wordsearch2.html, which is supposed to help learning Klingon words in a playful way.

In a grid of 15 times 15 spaces, the user has to search for 14 words. In each field there is a Klingon character in the latinized version, the character tlh for example only takes one space. The user has to find the words horizontally, vertically, diagonally or backwards. If the user found a word, the english translation appears below the word search and the word is marked as found.

The user has a 30 minutes time limit to find all 14 words and is rated with a point system. If the user is unable to find a word, he or she can let the program display the solution.

Chris Lipscombe reprogrammed the word search in 2016 and modernized it.

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