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Worlds of Translation (abbreviated WoT or WOT) is a project of the Klingon Language Institute to translate Hugo Award-winning short stories into Klingon.

In 2004 the KLI had purchased the rights to publish translations of a dozen such stories;(1) these translations were initially planned to form a collection of works. Though the project began in October of that year, it became dormant for many years; eventually the project was revived as an occasional publication of individual stories instead, and Worlds of Translation stories began to be published in 2020 as e-books available for purchase from the KLI.

Unlike some other translation projects, such as Hamlet and ghIlghameS, stories in the Worlds of Translation series do not include the parallel English text. The reason for that is that the KLI did not want to pay for the license costs for printing the English version. The license to print the Klingon version was only one dollar. (2)

List of stories

Title Author Klingon title Translator
Graves Joe Haldeman QaDwI' Lieven L. Litaer, 2006/2019
Out Of All Them Bright Stars Nancy Kress Hovvetlh wov HayDaq Jack Bradley, 2019
Passengers Robert Silverberg raQpo' Jack Bradley, 2020
Travels with My Cats Mike Resnick maleng, vIghro'meywIj jIH je Agnieszka Solska, 2020
The Cost Of Doing Business Leslie What malja' DIlnISlu' Eric Andeen, 2021
Cat Pictures Please Naomi Kritzer vIghro' mIlloghmey HInob ??, 2022

Mentioned finishing dates are not accurate. They mark the date of final proofreading and publication, not when the story was initially translated.(3)

Not published:
"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas", by Ursula K. LeGuin, translated by Alan Anderson

Historical approaches

A few of the WoT translators met at the February 2006 yotna' to discuss quirks and snags. For instance, it was decided that if a translation requires a "borrowed" English word, one should use a footnote to explain it.

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1 : announcement in HolQeD 13:2, p. 14

2 : qep'a' cha'maH chorghDIch - State of the KLI, published July 27, 2021

3 : Lieven L. Litaer knows for sure he made his translation in 2006 and sent it to the KLI in 2007. Final corrections and edits were made in 2019, which is the date mentioned in the published version.

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