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The Hashtag #YallaCSU was created in december 2014, when a politician of the CSU in Germany proposed that immigrants should be forced by law to speak German even in private homes(1).

A lot of protest arised, also from general secretary of CDU Peter Tauber, who wrote at message on Twitter(2):
"Ich finde ja, es geht die Politik nichts an, ob ich zu Hause lateinisch, klingonisch oder hessisch rede."
Screenshot of Twitter message by Peter Tauber.jpg Translation:
"I think, the politics shouldn't be interested whether I speak Latin, Klingon or Hessian at home."

In reference to this note, the journalist blog Ruhrbarone wrote(3) a public letter to Seehofer with the following content, which was also in Klingon (4):
Sehr geehrter Herr Seehofer,
wir sind die sogenannten „Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund“. Wir sprechen Deutsch, aber nicht nur.
Sie brauchen keine Angst davor zu haben. Wir bereichern dieses Land. Machen Sie doch auch mit!
mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dear Mr. Seehofer,
we are the so-called "People with migratory background". We speak German, but not exclusively.
You don't have to be afraid of that. We enrich this country. Take your part, too!
with regards

The Klingon part was translated by Lieven L. Litaer(5) and is presented here:
yIqIm, Seehofer joH,
lengbogh novpu' maHlaw'. DoyIchlan Hol wIjatlh, 'ach latlh Hol wIjatlh je.
'oHmo' DaghIjlu' net pIHbe'. yoSvam wIje'taH. HItlhej!

The direct translation is:
Listen, Lord Seehofer,
we are apparently wandering strangers. We speak German, but we speak different languages, too.
One does not expect you to be scared. We enrich this region. Come with us!


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