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This portal will lead you to the uncountable situations where the Klingon language has been used outside of any Star Trek related context. It is really incredible how far the language is spread. Unfortunately, there are many freeloaders who just use fake Klingon to get their media attention. It is the goal of this wiki to analyze such appearances of Klingon and clarify them.


Real Klingon

Some TV shows have used real Klingon. Usually the pronunciation of the actors is not perfect, because they have not gotten any coaching by Marc Okrand, nor any other experienced speaker.
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  • During The Big Bang Theory, the main characters speak Klingon regularly.
  • In Buffy there is a poem presented written with Klingon letters.
  • The main characters of Chuck speak Klingon regularly.
  • In Farscape John Crichton spoke few Klingon words.
  • Frasier held a Klingon speech in the show named after him.
  • NCIS presented a disguised Klingon speaking some Klingon.

Indications and mentions


Klingon in movies


On YouTube you can find lots of Klingon videos. Some of them are good, some are not. See main page ➞ YouTube



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