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This category contains all the names of people who are somehow related to the Klingon Language. This may start with its inventor Marc Okrand or the creator of the first words James Doohan and will lead to the director of the KLI, Dr. Lawrence Schoen. Even members of the Email Discussion Forum may be mentioned here, no matter how experienced Klingonists they are. Please note that these pages should be informative, they are no personal user pages. For that, you can register and create your own userpage.



Personas de la pelicula

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Members of the email discussion group

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  • David Waddell, a politician who wrote his resignation letter in Klingon

Klingonists of Note


Lawrence M. Schoen

In this wiki, Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen is basically known as the founder and director of the Klingon language Institute (KLI). His Klingon name is 'angghal, while many members just call him vavoy (daddy). ...Read more ➞

Nick Nicholas

Nick Nicholas (Klingon name: nIchyon) is a Klingonist from Australia, though is not really active in Klingon language circles these days. He was responsible for translating Hamlet (with Andrew Strader) and Much Ado About Nothing. ...Read more ➞

d'Armond Speers

Dr. d'Armond Speers (Klingon name: Holtej, born 2 July 1968 in Miami) is an American Klingonist. He became well known in the media for talking to his newborn son only in Klingon in 1994 ...Read more ➞

People from the movies


Marc Okrand

Dr. Marc Okrand is the inventor of the Klingon language and author of The Klingon Dictionary. As such, his pronouncements are considered the standard of correctness ("canon") concerning the language. The Klingon spelling for his name is marq 'oqranD. ...Read more ➞

James Doohan

James Doohan (lived 1920-2005) was famous for portraying his character of „Scotty“ in the original Star Trek TV-series. In the year 1979 he invented a handful of Klingon words for the first Star Trek movie. ...Read more ➞

Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn is the actor playing Worf, arguably the most recognized Klingon in the Star Trek franchise, appearing regularly in series TNG, DSN and movies ST7, ST8, ST9, ST10. ...Read more ➞

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