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Palm Prē smartphone with Klingon theme
webOS is a mobile operating system introduced by Palm in 2009. It was once declared that "webOS has more Klingon apps than any other mobile platform".

The first webOS enabled device was the Palm Prē which was released in June of 2006. By August 2009, Chris Lipscombe already had pIqaD fonts working on the phone. By January 2010, Michael Roney had developed a pIqaD keyboard app. By April 2010, Michael Roney was contacted to translate the OS into Klingon. Several Klingon language and Klingon-related apps were released for the OS. There were also several developers that added Klingon translations to their existing apps.

William Shatner is a noteable Palm Prē user


  • tlhIngan mu'ghom
    (= "Klingon dictionary") A Klingon dictionary app that interfaced with Hol 'ampaS
  • HovpoH
    (= "stardate") A Klingon stardate app. Various versions displayed the Klingon stardate, a Klingon 24-hour clock set to First City time, and a Klingon day/month/year calendar
  • tuv
    (= "be patient") A Klingon-themed Klondike Solitaire card game with pIqaD letters and numbers on the cards.
  • Qo'noS
    (= "Kronos") Displayed a waving Klingon flag while The Warrior's Anthem played. This was part of a series of patriotic apps that displayed waving flags while the national anthem played. (There was also a Federation version).
  • 'uj
    (= "unit of about 34 cm") A Klingon ruler app
  • Unit converter
    A standard unit converter app which also included Klingon units of measure
  • Manic 8 Ball
    A Magic 8 Ball-style app that had a Klingon language option.
  • SeHlaw
    (= "control panel") A pIqaD keyboard app
  • KAG
    A Klingon Assault Group app. Easy reference to the rules and command structure of KAG.
  • IKS pongHa'lu'
    (= "unnamed") Info on the KAG ship IKS pongHa'lu'
  • Phaseruptor
    Displayed a Klingon disruptor with light and sound
  • pIqaD ghojmoHwI'
    (= "pIqaD teacher ") Learn pIqaD
  • Duj Do
    (= "vessel speed") A Klingon-themed spedomotor app
  • Warrior Life Counter
  • ghIq'tal
    (= "to the death")
  • paq batlh
    (= "book of honor") Excerpts of the KBTP (not to be confused with the paq'batlh)
  • KAL
    A Klingon-themed app launcher
  • KLCP1
    A flash card app for the KLCP level 1 words

System Modifications

  • pIqaD fonts were able to be side loaded
  • Klingon smilies from The Empire were used to replace the default smilies.
  • The ability to map the physical keyboard to a pIqaD mapping was developed.
  • After the homebrew community developed a virtual keyboard, a virtual pIqaD keyboard soon followed
  • Several Klingon themes were developed to give the UI a more Klingon feel
  • Translation on the OS as a whole was begun, but never completed

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