S 'ar
zar ] / [ zar ]
Klingon letters:

how many, how much

word type: question, TKD chapter 6.4.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 70, 115

Canon examples

nIn 'ar wIghaj?
How much fuel do we have? (TKD p. 70, CK)

Haw'pu' yaS 'ar?
How many officers fled? (TKD p. 70)

Dochvetlh DIlmeH Huch 'ar DaneH?
How much do you want for that? (TKD p. 171)

mughoS 'avwI' 'ar.
How many guards are coming? (CK)

Derived and related words

'arlogh how many times

More Information

The question word 'ar always follows the noun to which it is referring and such noun never takes a plural suffix. (TKD p. 70)

The noun phrase with 'ar is treated as plural if the noun is countable ("how many"), singular if the noun is not countable ("how much"). (qepHom 2019)

The word 'ar may also be combined with the numeral suffix -logh to ask how many times. (stk message of February 02, 1999)

It's not proven if it works, but it seems likely that 'arDIch also makes sense.

Similar sounding words

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