S 'ej De' vIchel
zej dez vi.'cel ] / [ zej dez vi.'cel ]
Klingon letters:
zej dez vicel
zej dez vicel

by the way, parenthetically

word type: adverbial, TKD chapter 5.4.
This adverbial is made of the parts 'ej, De' and vI and chel.


qep'a' 2020
See new words released at qep'a' 27
The request for this word was: "used to segue the subject or change the topic, or introduce a related topic. "By the way, I saw Maltz today." "We attacked the Federation. By the way, we also attacked the Romulans.""  [note]

More Information

This comes at the beginning of a sentence. This is the full form. In everyday conversation, 'ej and/or De' (and even vI-) are often omitted. Klingon grammarians argue about whether the resulting De'chel should be considered an adverbial in its own right. (qep'a' 2020)

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