IPA: ze.'liz.jah ] Phoneticze.'liz.jah ]


unexpected visitor, uninvited guest

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: 'elI'jaHpu' (beings capable of language)


qep'a' 2006


meb guest


It is a jewish tradition to put an extra plate on the table in case Elijah shows up.

More Information

Some word lists contain different information. The correct situation is as summarized:
  • The word was revealed in 2006.
  • The correct spelling is 'elI'jaH.
  • The correct definition is "unexpected visitor".

Creation history

The word was revealed to a small group in 2006 but not widely publicised. During qep'a' 2007, Agnieszka Solska (aka. 'ISqu') showed her notebook with that word to Robyn Stewart (aka Qov). Right after the qep'a', Robyn reported about that word in a message to the mailing list. She was writing from her memory which explains the slightly different definition "uninvited guest" and the small typo in the Klingon word. (Re: mu' chu'  Message of 2 Aug 2007 on klingonska.org) (Re: mu' chu'  Message of 2 Aug 2007 on kli.org)

The typo was immediately corrected by Agnieszka Solska at the conclusion of that thread. In that thread she also wrote that the Klingon word was written by Marc Okrand, but the definition "unexpected visitor" was written by Lawrence M. Schoen. She clearly wrote about "last year's qep'a'", so she refers to 2006 instead of 2007. (Message by 'ISqu' of 8/11/2007).
The word Okrand wrote in my notebook during last year's qep'a' was spelled <<'elI'jaH>>. The English translation, written by Lawrence below the Klingon word, was "unexpected visitor".

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