S baH
bah ] / [ bah ]
Klingon letters:

fire (torpedo, rocket, missile)

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vIbaH. = I fire (torpedo, rocket, missile) something.


The Klingon Dictionary p. 80
First used in Star Trek - The Motion Picture (see list)

Derived and related words

baHwI' gunner

More Information

During battle, the command is usually given in clipped Klingon as simply baH! The grammatically correct form of a command would be yIbaH.

The object of the verb baH is the thing being shot, like a torpedo. The target is marked with the locative suffix -Daq.

This word is part of one of the six phrases that were created by James Doohan for Star Trek - The Motion Picture. The Klingon spelling was later adapted by Marc Okrand.
# dialogue subtitle
1. wIy cha' Tactical...
2. HaSta Visual...
3. cha yIghuS Tactical, stand by on torpedoes.
4. 'eH Ready...
5. SSS... baH Fire!
6. juntaH Evasive!

See also

bach shoot

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