S belmoH
bel.'moh ] / [ bel.'moh ]
Klingon letters:


word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vIbelmoH. = I please something.
This verb is made of the parts bel and moH.


qepHom Saarbrücken 2019
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Canon examples

nughraj Dun lurDechmeyraj Dun je DIvuvta' 'e' lutul HaDwI'pu' 'ej vItul jIH. lIbelmoH paqvam 'e' vItul.
The editors and I hope to have respected your rich culture and tradition, and we hope that you will be pleased with the results. (Vincent Van Gerven Oei's speech at qepHom 2011)

More Information

Note that this is not the Klingon word for English "Please!" This is a verb with meaning "please somebody", i.e. "make somebody be pleased".

This is used in a slang expression to mention the need to go to the bathroom:
There is a slang expression or idiom that's used from time to time, though mostly (but hardly always) by or to kids: qIvon belmoH (as in DaH jImej. qIvonwIj vIbelnISmoH. and the like). (qepHom 2019)

In the Klingon translation of the Little Prince, this was used to express the English request "Please, do..." by saying belmoH. This was a literal translation of the idea od saying "make me being pleased".

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