S boqHa'
bok.'haz ] / [ bok.'haz ]
Klingon letters:

subtract (used in math)

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word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vIboqHa'. = I subtract (used in math) something.
This verb is made of the parts boq and Ha'.


HolQeD vol. 9 issue 3, September 2000
view text of that issue p. 10

Derived and related words

boqHa''egh divide

More Information

For subtraction, the suffix Ha' "undo" is attached to boq producing boqHa', literally "dis-ally or dissociate from". Thus, "4 - 3 = 1" would be loS boqHa' wej; chen wa' (literally, "three dissociates from four, one forms"). When subtracting, the subject and object cannot be reversed without changing the equation. wej boqHa' loS would be "3 - 4" and the answer would be a negative number (a concept Maltz wanted to postpone for another time).

(HolQeD 9.3, p. 10)

For negative numbers, see Dop.

See also

boq'egh multiply

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