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Category "nounsuffix"

This category lists all 26 noun suffixes.

All articles in this category

Type Sort Suffixes No.
1 Size/Importance -'a', -Hom, -oy 3
2 Number -pu', -Du', -mey 3
3 Qualification -Hey, -qoq, -na' 3
4 Possession -wIj/wI', -lIj/lI', Daj, maj/ma', raj/ra', chaj 10
4 Specification -vam, -vetlh 2
5 Syntactic Markers -Daq, -vo', -mo', -vaD, -'e' 5

Alphabetical order

-chaj -Daj -Daq -Du' -Hey -Hom -lIj -lI' -maj -ma' -mey -mo' -na' -oy -pu' -qoq -raj -ra' -vaD -vam -vetlh -vo' -wIj -wI' -'a' -'e'

Other categories

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Words published at a qep'a' / at a qepHom / in other sources
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remember the swap of q > k and ' > - as in qa' = ka- and Daq = Dak

1. noun 2. verb 3. others

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