S cha'DaSvI'
caz.das.'viz ] / [ caz.das.'viz ]
Klingon letters:

golf-like game

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

This word is a name so does not have a plural form.


qep'a' 2022
See new words released at qep'a' 29
The request for this word was: "golf: competitive game whose players propel an object into each of a series of goal-zones in the minimum number of strokes"  [note]

Questions about this word

It is not answered if this word really means "two-boot sharpshooting".
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More Information

The full definition of this is:
"a Klingon game that is similar to golf in that it involves precisely aiming a projectile"

There is also a somewhat similar Klingon game called cha'DaSvI'. Maltz wasn't clear on the rules, though he said that, like golf, it involves precisely aiming a projectile. For the Terran game, the loanword gho'lIv is most common. Maltz thought Terran golf was far too tame to be referred to as tera' cha'DaSvI'. - (qep'a' 2022)

Each syllable of this word has a meaning, but it is not confirmed that this meaning is part of this word, or lead to its meaning.

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