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undertake, deal with

word type: verb, TKD chapter 4.
transitive verb: vay' vIDIgh. = I undertake, deal with something.


qep'a' 2016
See new words released at qep'a' 23

Canon examples

DaH nuq wIDIgh?
What is our current task? / What do we undertake now? (qep'a' 2016)

Questions about this word

It is not canonically answered whether this verb can be used with people; see below.
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undertaker, a grave digger

More Information

The following is not confirmed, but possible:
The English idiom "deal with" can be used for people. Merriam-Webster dot com gives one definition as "to do something about (a person or thing that causes a problem or difficult situation)". "Deal with" has some other meanings in English, but based on the other glosses for DIgh and bam, it's likely that "to do something about a problem or difficult situation" meaning is probably what is intended. While we don't know for sure, until we get further guidance from Maltz, it may be accepted using DIgh and bam for people also:

gharwI' DIgh HoD.
"The captain deals with the diplomat", "The captain is taking care of some issue involving the diplomat."

DaHjaj pInwI' QeH vIbam.
"I'm facing my angry boss today", "I have the prospect of dealing with my angry boss today."

On the other hand, the canon example does not reveal any "problem or difficult situation". The verb DIgh might be interpreted as "do", so the answer to that canon example might be simply DaHjaj chab wISop - which is nor a problem nor a difficult situation.

If one goes a step further, the verb "undertake" probably is not used for people and sounds like this is only used with "actions", like eating, killing, having a party etc.

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