IPA: dak.tu.'rak ] Phoneticdak.tu.'rak ]


d'akturak, ice man

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: Daqturaqpu' (beings capable of language)


qep'a' 2020
See new words released at qep'a' 27
The request for this word was: "someone with an "icy" demeanor; especially as a tough negotiator (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "Blood Oath")"  [note]

More Information

It is not clear whether this is a native Klingon word or a borrowed Trill or Kriosian word or phrase meaning "ice man," but, in any case, this is the Klingon pronunciation. (qep'a' 2020)

When Dax encountered Koloth in the DSN episode "Blood Oath", he did not recognize her, because she had a new body. She then explained to him:

I used to call you D'akturak. "Ice man." Because no proposal, no matter how reasonable, no matter how much it favored the Klingon Empire would satisfy you. You were the hardest man I ever faced across the negotiating table.

See Memory Alpha for details on ice man 

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