IPA: 'dez.lor ]


drip stone

word type: noun, TKD chapter 3.

plural: De'lormey


qepHom Saarbrücken 2019
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derived and related words

rav De'lor stalagmite
pa' beb De'lor stalagtite


Data (De') and Lore are equal, but opposite

More Information

If a distinction is needed, say rav De'lor (lit. "floor De'lor") for stalagmite or pa' beb De'lor (lit. "ceiling De'lor") for stalagtite. In the latter case, it does not matter if there is another cave above the ceiling.

That's just what it's called. Once a word gets set, it's set - even if the meaning is not quite accurate in all situations. If someone said the other [i.e. rav'eq De'lor], people would understand, but it's an unusual way to say it. Plus: if it did vary each time, how would you know which word to use until you did full exploration?

(Marc Okrand about pa' beb De'lor in qepHom 2019 interview)

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